Keith Urban Takes You Behind-the-Scenes of “The Fighter” With Carrie Underwood

Keith Urban’s new single, “The Fighter,” featuring Carrie Underwood, made its television debut on Sunday night (Feb. 12) at the 2017 Grammy Awards to rave reviews. Following the performance, the song’s brand-new video was released online for a 24-hour preview, and today (Feb. 16) Keith is taking you behind-the-scenes for a look at the making of “The Fighter.”

“I wrote this song with busbee [“My Church,” “H.O.L.Y.”] and I loved the idea of the question and answer simplicity of the song,” Keith says in the video. “We were actually in London at the time and we were working on another song and out of the blue that morning, on the way to that writing session, I had an idea for a duet that really could be taken from a conversation I’ve actually had before in this back-and-forth, boy-girl scenario. The very first thing we both said was ‘Who’s the girl? Who sings the song?’ We both heard Carrie’s voice immediately.”

And so it happened. After working through their schedules Carrie jumped on board and “The Fighter” came to life. While the dancing is left up to a professionals, Carrie and Keith have no problem showing off a few moves of their own throughout the video.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video for “The Fighter” with Keith and Carrie.

You can also watch the final version of the video below.

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